About Us

We help you transform your ideas into custom digital solutions, we design and implement web pages and applications.

We offer custom digital solutions, adapted to the present and future needs of each client.

We are an ally committed to our clients, working together during and after the delivery of each solution.

We work as a team, enhancing our strengths and learning from experiences to offer a personal touch in each project.

How do we do it?

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer technical SEO service, that is, we implement strategies and techniques to improve the performance and visibility of a website in search engines through the optimization of its structure, design, and programming. We do not perform content SEO nor implement digital marketing strategies, we offer advice on digital transformation and brand positioning.

We do not offer domain sales or web hosting services, however, we provide advice on the purchase of these services based on the complexity of the solution, growth estimates, location of the target audience, and payment methods. We recommend recognized providers and provide support throughout the entire purchase process.

Yes, it is advisable to have a defined brand identity and have a clear understanding of the products and services that will be offered before starting the design and development process of your website. This will allow us to create a coherent and effective digital solution that reflects the personality and objectives of your brand. Therefore, we encourage you to define your brand identity and products/services before starting with the development of your website to ensure the best results.

No, however, we can offer you recommendations of business allies who can help you with this service. Do not hesitate to ask us and we will be happy to help you find the best option for your needs.

The time will depend on the type of solution, generally our projects have a duration that goes from 2 to 6 weeks in the case of web pages, or from 1 to 6 months in the case of complex web platforms or applications. Each proposal indicates the execution time of the particular solution.

In all our development projects, we include a warranty that consists of a block of technical support hours that can be used during a range of time after the solution is delivered in order to make relevant adjustments. Each proposal details the duration and conditions of use.

Performing maintenance on web pages has several benefits, among them are:

  • Improves the performance and loading speed of the page.
  • Ensures that the page is free of errors or bugs.
  • Increases the security of the page and protects against possible attacks.
  • Allows to update and add new content.
  • Improves the user experience when browsing.

Performing maintenance on your computer can have several benefits, among them:

  • Better performance: if you perform maintenance regularly, your computer can operate more efficiently and faster.
  • Greater durability: by keeping your computer in good condition, you can prolong its lifespan and avoid problems that could damage it.
  • Less risk of data loss: if your computer is in poor condition, you could lose important information. Maintenance can help you prevent this situation.
  • Save money: by performing preventive maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs or the need to purchase a new computer.

We handle operating system problems (Windows and Linux), virus and malware review, basic proprietary software problems, network connection problems, printer and other peripheral configuration, as well as equipment optimization.

No, our specialty is software, in the case of hardware problems, we perform a base identification of it and refer to specialists.

No, but we can refer you to our business allies who specialize in this type of service.

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